20 June 2009


1.  Julius Erving:  Dr. J

2.  Dominique Wilkins:  The Human Highlight Reel

3.  George Gervin:  The Iceman

4.  Ervin Johnson:  Magic

5.  Michael Jordan:  Air Jordan

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16 June 2009


1.  LeBron James:  Analysts and writers seem to be 50/50 on the LeBron/Kobe debate.  I pick LeBron.

2.  Kobe Bryant:  Probably one of the 10 greatest players ever.  And counting.

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21 January 2009

It's odd, I have my site at, and I have only posted one thing NBA related. Well, how about I make it two? 

On MLK night, the Lakers took it the Cavs. If this game didn't showcase why the Lakers are the best team in the league right now, I don't know what does. For the average person who just looks at the NBA as a whole, the Lakers are the team right now. But, as Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend. Breaking it down, here are my rankings for teams that I think have the best shot at winning the championship. 

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12 January 2009

We always here about things like this happening in another town in a different county or in a different state altogether; events that have no bearing to our lives whatsoever. We walk into another school while on a basketball trip and see a glass case perched on a wall close to the entrance which has an asortment of different items arranged around a picture set in the middle. The pictures differ from town to town, sometimes it may be just a normal school picture of a student with small heirlooms hanging around the image, other times it may be a student's athletic picture and his or her varsity letter nearby. There always seems to be a small passage included that can be read, describing the person's life and passions. In every case though, the glass case holds the same meaning, a memorandum of a life taken too early.

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7 January 2009

I may be an over-the-top, totally subjective fan, but I know where to draw the line. Yes, I am always totally optimistic when it comes to my favorite teams, but when I sit down and think clearly about the broad outlook of things, I can do it objectively, and I hope I got the subjective and objective terms right and used them correctly.

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28 November 2008

The Houston Rockets are coming off a hard fought 1 point loss to the Indiana Pacers this past Wednesday at Toyota Center. The Yellow and blue stunned the home town team by scoring often and late snapping the Rockets' three game winning streak. The loss soured the return of forward Shane Battier who made his season debut after missing the first 15 games of the season due to inflammation in his surgically-repaired left ankle.

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28 October 2008

I'll start it off that these are just plainly predictions. My very own gut feeling and how I assume that the season will turn out to be. My opinion is influenced by current stats and my overall impression regarding the NBA teams and players.

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25 October 2008

Lakers will win the NBA Championship! Well at least that what the NBA GM's think not like they know! I want to know who you think will win and Y !! Church

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14 October 2008

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I like a little violence, in sports that is. I think most people who like sports agree. The biggest reactions from spectators usually occur after a big coll

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9 October 2008

On Saturday night, the Phoenix Suns will face the Denver Nuggets outside at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden (home to Pacific Life Open--one of the major events on the men's and women's pro tours) in a pre-season match-up. This is only the second time in NBA's history that a game will be played outdoors. The first being a 1972 preseason game where the Suns defeated the Bucks in San Juan, Puerto Rico at a baseball stadium.

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8 October 2008

With the Pentant races going on and the almighty NFL still keeping everyone including me at the edge of their seats, not only on Sunday but even throughout the week. Even NCAA football fans are direct

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Last night, we lost another star to the pre-season. Antawn Jamison went down with a knee injury after playing only 4 mins. Which begs the question why do we need a pre-season anyway. Now the Washin

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1 July 2008

 "The Big Three," "Drive for 17." With all the media attention focused on the two recently-added all-stars and the team's comeback this season, a young player's name may have gotten lost in the shuffle, Rajon Rondo. Sure, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and KG are the present heroes of the Celtics, but it's the young players like Rondo who are the future of this franchise. With his remarkable intelligence at the ripe age of 21, Rondo is a promising leader as point-guard for a team that will undoubtedly be successful in the playoffs for several more years. Look at where he's led his team so far. Although he makes some unwise decisions, this is to be expected from a second-year player. Some fans have criticized Rondo's inexperience as it was evident in game five of the finals against the LA Lakers. During one play, Rajon Rondo had an opening and took it to the paint, but instead of finishing, he dished the ball to Pierce for a jumper from beyond the arc, which missed.

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4 June 2008

This NBA Finals will be the most watched Finals in a couple years. I myself have not watched any in quite a few years since the Spurs and Pistons were so frequently in them. No offense to them but they are just not exciting teams to watch. I would much rather watch Kobe light up the Celts great D for 50 points or the Big Three of Boston. Tim Duncan is just not an exciting player to watch. Not only are the teams fun to watch but each of the matchups are interesting:

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1 April 2008

Everybody knows Paul Pierce can score.  His reputation in the NBA is that of a tenacious scorer, capable of tormenting defenders and taking over offensively for stretches, using his combination of size and grace to muscle or slash his way into the lane or to the rim or to create space for his silky smooth mid-range jumper.  Unfortunately for Pierce, this is all he's been known as, and for several years he has been seen as only a ball-hogging chucker who couldn't defend anyone, more focused on padding his stats on an irrelevant team than winning games.  While this characterization seems fitting enough given the performances of him and his team for the past few seasons, this season Pierce has shown to the world what dedicated Celtics fans have known for years, that Pierce is a well rounded and versatile player on both ends of the floor, both willing and able to do whatever it takes to get his team a win.

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17 February 2008

The always entertaining and God praising Magic Johnson professed that the excitement and allure of the NBA All-Star Weekend "is back! It is Back!" Wow, Magic, that is amazingly profound! The truth of the matter is that the All-Star Weekend is NOT back ... it just happens to be the ONLY All-Star event in professional sports that is any good and can captivate a decent pool of the sports viewing public. I mean seriously, what is it competing against?

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10 February 2008

It's been a closely watched season of careful observation but I'm sure now of what I've seen. I haven't seen it since about 1987 but there is no doubt about it now. After 20 years there are finally some genuine Celtics wearing the Celtic uniforms.

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I call myself the Sports Sage so that should give you a clue as to just how dumb I really am when it comes to actual sports knowledge. I watch sports because they are exciting, inspirational and free on TV. They happen in real time and have predictable commercials. Often we get to ooh and Ahhh at things that we will almost never be able to do while watching grown up people like us at play. Its a lot more fun than watching regular people like us work.

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6 February 2008

Apparently the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns have agreed on a trade that would send Shaquille O'Neal to Phoenix in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I believe this is simply a knee-jerk reaction to the Los Angeles Lakers' acquisition of Pau Gasol (a brilliant move by L.A., by the way) and do not see how this trade can make sense from the Suns' vantage point.

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