30 December 2008


           This past Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys traveled to Lincoln Financial Field to play the Philadelphia Eagles in what was a win and you’re in the playoffs game.  This game had a lot of build-up prior kick-off.  The Eagles found out, about 15 minutes before the game started, that the stars had aligned for them; the Bears and Buccaneers had both lost.  This game had everything football fans wanted.  It was the ‘Boys against the Birds, with their playoff destinies on the line. 

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12 December 2008


           Each week I will answer questions submitted by my loyal readers.  I personally read every single email I receive.  I will pick out the best five or so to use for the weekly post, as I won’t be able to answer all of them.  I will also answer one or two questions on my daily posts as well.  Now it’s time to open the mail!  

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24 November 2008

     No one is saying it. The networks and big newspapers love to ignore the WAC, Mountain West, and others as if they were a conservative Republican with no charisma. In my area, for example, the Utah-BYU game was not even on television. A game between two top 20 teams was unavailable. A game that would determine one of the schools in the BCS this season was a no-show.

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21 November 2008

My interview with Bill Romanowski is on Real GM. You can read the trimmed for print edition or go to the end of the article and read the full interview.

Or watch the interview as it happened. Your choice.

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28 October 2008

OK, I get it. Everyone in America hates the Patriots.

To a certain extent, I understand it. They have a recent history of domination, they were found guilty of a rather offensive crime, their coach isn't particularly pleasant, and the players offer little in the way of entertaining soundbites. The hatred has grown to the point that fans all around the country celebrated when Tom Brady went down with injury, noting - whether out loud or to themselves - that it was about time something bad happened to the Pats.

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9 January 2008

One of my favorite parts of watching football is cooking for the game and inviting friends over for free food and a chance to make fun of me and my obsession. My most valuable device for New England Patriots games is my crock pot. Below is my favorite recipe to make, it's easy and scrumptious. 

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